Forex Generator Block Editor Users Manual

Block Editor

Create your own custom blocks

Create and import your own blocks into Forex Generator. Compile and preview sample generated EA code.

Change block properties

Change block properties to load them into specific tabs.

Set parameter scope

Add additional parameters to a block. Set they type and scope.

Parameters have scope.

  1. “verbatim” – is the simplest scope. Anything that is entered as “Default Value” for this parameter will be written verbatim into the generated final block code.
  2. “fixed” – similar to “verbatim” scope. But end user of the block may choose to “Export” it using “Export” tab in the Generator in that case “fixed” becomes the same as “external”.
  3. “external” – it makes parameter “Exported” by default.
  4. “global” – it is scope usually used by “Hidden” variables. This allows you to have variable at the file scope but without it being “Exported” via extern/input.

Most parameters have “fixed” or “external” scope. If parameter has Type=“function” then it must have Scope=“verbatim”.

Load current library blocks

Easiest way to build new blocks and learn - load blocks that come with Forex Generator.